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Contact the Missouri River Fly-fishers (MRF)                            or                             Mail To:
                                                                                                        Missouri River Fly Fishers
                                                                                                        P.O. Box 6885
                                                                                                        Great Falls, MT 59405

Board Members-

Officers (1 year terms in office and 3 years on board commitment):
     President: Denny Hanson (year 2)
Treasurer: Brian Holum - (year 1)               
     Vice President: Bob Warneke - (year 1)
Secretary: Paul Considine (Year 3)
Members (3 year terms):
         Scotty McNeil (year 3)
         Bryan Dunn (year 2)                                  
         Tom MaGuire (year 3)
         Conn McKelvey (year 3)                             
         Mark Ozog (year 1)
         Fred Telleen (year 3)                                 
         Denny Hanson (year 2)
         Bob England (year 1)                             
         Larry Barghultz (year 3)
         Hayley Leray (year 1)
         Erik Haugen (year 2)
         Brian Neilsen (Year 1)

Banquet Chair: Erik Haugen            Co-Chair: Scotty McNeil

Fly Fest Chair:  Bob Warneke             Co-Chairs: Sam Wike
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