January 3, 2011
Ten ways to improve your fly fishing in 2011:
River Reporter
Ten ways to improve your fly fishing in 2011: 
 (Also a fly fishing New Years Resolution list)
10.  Support your local fly shops and pry them for information on any moving water in a 100 mile radius.
9.    Create and laminate a "TO BRING"  list to your forehead or some other logical location so you don't forget the essentials on those precious days on the water. 
8.    Get your gear organized...all of it, in one quick and convenient location.  Waders, Boots, gloves, glasses, floatant, flies clippers, hemos, camera, snacks, coozies, cooler, Ju Ju beads, leaders/tippet, rods, etc.  (This goes along with #9)
7.    Learn to row the drift boat. Better yet, teach your friends to row your drift boat.  After all, this list is designed to improve your fly fishing.
6.   Familiarize yourself with hatches.   i.e. what, when, where, time.   
5.   Learn/improve your reach cast so the Caddis you picked out has a chance of working over that BIG Missouri River Brown.
4.   Learn/improve your Double Haul so you can cast in the Montana wind.
3.   When eye to eye with  a 22" Brown sipping Caddis along the bank follow these steps:   Breathe, Relax, Assess the situation, Don't stand on your line, confirm clinch knot,  breathe, cast, breathe, reach cast, feed line, breathe, hold breath............hit em!   Let it runnnnnn! Scream in victory!  (Extension of #2 and #3)
2.   Don't count fish, count days on the water.
1.   Get out and fish! 
See you out there and Happy Fishing in 2011
Brian Neilsen

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