February Guest Tier & Speaker
January 13, 2014
Alfonso Martinez
The Missouri River Fly Fishers will be hosting  A.K. Best as their guest speaker and fly tier for the February 6th meeting, which will be held at the Great Falls Assocation of Realtors office at 401 13th Avenue South, Great Falls, MT.  A.K. will start tying at 7:30 and will be speaking at 8:00 p.m.
A. K. Best is an internationally known professional fly tier, and is a frequent guest speaker at seminars and shows throughout the United States and abroad. He writes about fly fishing andA.K. Best fly tying for Fly Rod and Reel, Fly Fisherman, and Fly Tyer, and lectures and teaches across the United States from his home in Boulder, Colorado.
He is a teacher by profession and his easygoing nature and smooth delivery make him a pleasure to listen to as he shares time-earned lessons in fly tying. A. K. is a student and an observer of nature, and is extremely knowledgeable about the anatomy of the insects his patterns imitate. He is also a professional musician and music educator.
A. K. doesn't always go "by the book" He admits there are age-old methods and materials that just don’t work well today. For example: "I devised the Tri-Color Nymph and Sub-Emerger patterns because it became apparent to me that the trout see sub-surface flies at their eye level and we were tying one-color nymphs. I noticed there were three different shades of colors of the body, so I set out to fashion the Tri-Color Nymph and Sub-Emerger patterns to more anatomically resemble the natural."
While A. K. doesn't always go "by the book", he is the author of three highly successful publications: A. K's Fly Box; Production Fly Tying, Advanced Fly Tying, Fly Fishing with A. K., and Dyeing and Bleaching.
For further information, please call 406-453-1613.
Mark F. Ozog, M.D. 
April Vokey November Guest Presenter
November 4, 2013
Alfonso Martinez

Missouri River Flyfishers is pleased to welcome our November genreal meeting guest speaker and fly tier, April Vokey of Fly Gal Ventures.  April will be speaking on fly fishing for steelhead and will have fly tying presentation at our November 14th meeting at 7:30 pm at the Great Falls Real Estate Assocation office at 401 13th Ave. South.

April Vokey lives in British Columbia and is an avid angler and steelhead, salmon and trout guide. She was born with an unexplainable passion for fishing and an even greater passion for the BC Rivers that surrounded her. Whether it is a small creek, a steep waterfall, or an invigorating downpour of rain, April has always been captivated by the water.
As a young girl, she coaxed her father into going fishing and by the age of 16, when she was old enough to drive, she was devoting all of her free time to her local rivers.
April began her fishing career after spending upwards of 300 days a year on the water. Working evening jobs, she was able to spend the entirety of each of her days learning how to read water while gaining further understanding of British Columbia fisheries. She fished conventional gear proudly throughout her teens, eventually applying her self-taught knowledge toward the sport of fly-fishing.
She began working for a large guiding outfit during her early 20s and soon decided that the experience she was sharing with guests could be further enhanced if she were able to break free from the “get ‘em in, get ‘em out” mentality that she saw becoming a popular trend within the guiding community. So in 2007 she founded BC-based guiding operation, Fly Gal Ventures, where she presently guides and instructs anglers on some of BC’s best steelhead destinations. Fly Gal’s trips and events can be found at
Home is Chilliwack, BC, but her time is spent waist-deep in the waters of the Dean River and the Skeena River systems. She is inseparable from her best friend and fishing buddy, Colby, who is a half St. Bernard, half coon hound.
April is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and fly-fishing columnist. She is the Canadian field editor for Chasing Silver magazine and her works and photos can also be found in Fly Fusion Magazine, Salmon Trout Steelheader (STS), Field and Stream, Canadian Fly Fisher, Fly Fisherman Magazine, Flyfishing and Tying Journal and several other international magazines. She is a lead angler for Fly Max Films.
Her passions include the environment, spey-casting to wild steelhead, and tying salmon/steelhead flies. She has made it her mission to encourage and introduce aspiring anglers to the sport, in hopes that it will bring them as much pleasure as it has brought her. She takes pride in being an eternal student of fly-fishing and an outspoken addition to the fly-fishing industry. She is never shy to speak her mind and is always the first to stand up for her beliefs on conservation, wild fish and life in general.
Learn more abouth April's passion for fly fishing when a new edition of 60 MINUTES SPORTS premiers on Wednseday November 6th on SHOWTIME.  
New Season Meeting Schedule
October 1, 2013
Alfonso Martinez
We have some great meetings scheduled this season. The board has approved some larger than normal spending on some big name speakers. I hope everyone comes out and supports the club and enjoys the efforts of the board. Here is the meeting for our season.

October: Rick Wollum

November: April Vokey, Swinging Flies for Steelhead. Meeting changed to Nov. 14th Please be aware

December : Xmas party

January: FWP Grant Grisak State of the Missouri

February: AK Best !!!!!

March: Matt Wilhelm

April and May: to be announced

Our first meeting is Thursday, October 3rd at the Giant Springs FWP office. Our speaker is Rick Wollum. Rick has been in the fly fishing industry for many years and should have an interesting show for us. Meeting starts at 7:30 pm. 

As always, if you have any ideas to improve our club, please email anyone on the board, and our board will examine what can be done! Hope to see you at our meetings.
2013 Carp Rodeo
July 20, 2013
Alfonso Martinez

The 2013 Missouri River FlyFishers Carp Rodeo is back!  This year’s tourney will be held on the Missouri River from Cascade to Ulm on August 10th.  Fishing hours are 9am to 6pm with weight-in at 6:30pm at the Trout Shop cafe.  Montana Silversmiths trophy buckles will be awarded to the team with the highest combined weight.  There will be additional prizes for biggest and smallest fish.
Registration is $75 per team of up to three persons through August 4th and $100 per team after the registration deadline.  Be sure to sign up early and save.
Register your team at The Trout Shop or Big R Fly Shop today!
Belize April 2013
April 29, 2013
Alfonso Martinez
The fish of San Pedro, Belize were in fear as the gang from Missouri River Flyfishers took residence for a week at The Tides.  There were some nice fish landed on the first day, with Bryan Dunn hooking up on a baby tarpon.   Christy and Sam Wike landed some nice size bones, but Sam was a little under the weather after a night with the local beer, Belikin. 
As the week continued, we had some great meals on the beach in San Pedro, but the wind became a challenge for fly fishing.  Our guides were excellent at finding places to have minimal wind and good fishing.  We had many sightings on Permit, but only Bryan Dunn landed one.  Dan Falcon and Boyd Wolverton had one great day of landing large Jacks.  Most of the gang, including myself, talked about how the big ones got away and a few of us became permit losers.

Special thanks go to our outfitter, Doug Brady of Fly Treks.  He met us daily to insure that our days were smooth and fun.

Bruce Richards May Guest Speaker
April 23, 2013
Alfonso Martinez
Missouri River Fly Fishers will be hosting their last meeting of the season on May 2nd, 7:30 pm at the Giant Springs Fish, Wildlife and Parks office with special guest speaker Bruce Richards.
Bruce is an internationally recognized fly line expert and fly casting instructor.  He has been a long-time employee of Scientific Anglers 3M Company since 1976.  He has been in such positions as international sales, production supervisor, plant manager and product development engineer.  As part of his job, he designed all new fly tapers introduced by Scientific Anglers including  the Sharkskin series of fly lines.
Bruce has also been active in the Federation of Fly Fishers organization, especially working with the Casting Instructors Certification program.  He was a founding member of the program and recently retired as its chairman. He has also served on the American Fly Fishing Trade Association Board.
Bruce is an active fly casting instructor teaching mostly individuals who want to become professional instructors.  He wrote the book, “Modern Fly Lines” and was chosen as Fly, Rod & Reel Magazine Angler of the Year for 2006.
Bruce will be giving a short casting class before the meeting at 7:30 pm and then at approximately 8:00 pm Bruce will have a discussion/presentation on fly lines such as how and why they float or sink, basic taper information, how to maintain them for best performance and long life.
Bruce is considered perhaps the world’s expert on fly lines.
MRF/Calgary Hook and Hackle fishing exchange
March 22, 2013
Alfonso Martinez
September 2012 was the MRF/Calgary Hook and Hackle Club fishing exchange.  This year our friends from Canada came down to Craig, MT to fish for two days while MRF club members rowed for them.  Next year, 2013, MRF will be invited to fish the Bo River with the Calgary club hosting.  Special thanks to Dan Falcon, Bob Warneke, Dave Campell, and Denny Hanson for rowing their boats and hosting the Canadians.

Streek's Parachute Caddis Variant
March 18, 2013
Alfonso Martinez

Thank you to Neale Streeks for being our guest speaker and tyer at our March Missouri River Flyfishers meeting. Neale put together a tried and tested variation of a parachute caddis.

• Hook: Size 14 Dry Fly
• Thread: 12/0 Olive
• Body: Yellow Dubbing
• Egg Sack: Chartreuse Dubbing
• Wings: Tan Hackle
• Over Wing: Brown Rooster
• Parachute: Shell Pink

Be sure to attend our next scheduled meeting on April 4th at the Fish, Wildlife and Parks building on Giant Springs Road.  Our guest speaker will be FWP Biologist David Smitherling speaking on the Milltown Dam and it's effects on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot River.
March Meeting and Guest Speaker
March 5, 2013
Alfonso Martinez
It is time for March madness again in college basketball, and all I can think about is going fishing.  This spring will be busy as normal, but not nearly as busy as February was.  We had avery successful banquet, followed by a well participated film tour at the Hilton Garden.  Special thanks to Erik, Scotty, and Brian for all their hard work making the banquet a success.  Also, a big thank you a to Bob for all his work making the film tour an enjoyable night.  When you see your board members, make sure you give them a big thanks.  Our board works extremely hard to promote fly fishing and catch and release in our community.

Without a doubt, our banquet is our money maker for the year, but next is our memberships.  If you have not done so, please renew your membership this month.  We will be mailing out new cards in April along with some decals.  Each year these funds go back into our local waters to maintain or improve trout habitat.  We will continue to work closely with FWP and Montana TU to keep our streams fishable and accessible.
We have also noticed a large amount of members coming out for our meeting and this is appreciated.  Remember our meeting is the first Thursday night of the month at the FWP office.  Come out and enjoy listening to our speakers.  We will have some very interesting topics in April and May.  Our last meeting of the season is May and we will be doing elections for the board at that time. 
This weeks meeting will be held at 7:30 at the Fish, Wildlife and Parks building on Giant Springs Road.  Our guest speaker and fly tier will be Neale Streeks.  Neal is a long time fishing guide on the Missouri River.  He is also author of “Small Fly Adventures of the West:  Angling for Large Trout” and “Drift Boat Fly Fishing:  A River Guides Sage Advice and Drift Boat Strategies”.
Hope to see you there.
Craig Mathew's Sparkle Dun
February 19, 2013
Alfonso Martinez
Very special "Thank you" to Craig Mathews for being our guest speaker during our February monthly meeting.  Craig share his wealth of fly fishing and fly tying knowledge with MRF members.  We had the pleasure of watching Mr. Mathews tie some of his signature flies including his Sparkle Dun, plus we treated to a great discusion regarding 1% for the Planet, and viewed some beatiful photography of Craig's home waters around Yellowstone.

You can see Craig is committed to working hard to preserve and protect wild tout, wild trout habitat, and wild places for all future genreations!
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